Japan wants to take advantage of foreign countries to “cheer up” Japan and pull many countries to carry out maritime exercises

Recently, Japan has held several military exercises with the United States and other countries, and plans to join hands with Britain to strengthen its military strength in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the Japanese government continues to strengthen security cooperation with France, plans to hold amphibious joint military exercises with France and the United States, and intends to establish a “five eye alliance + Japan France” security cooperation mechanism. Some analysts pointed out that Japan’s military efforts to win over the United States and other foreign countries are intended to “cheer up” itself and ultimately achieve its important goal of being an influential military power. According to Kyodo News Agency on December 7, Japan’s land self defense force and the US military launched two military exercises in southwest Japan and northwest Tokyo on the same day. Japan’s defense ministry said the two exercises were “yamasakura” and “forest light”. The key point of the exercise is to simulate the response to the enemy’s attack on the outlying islands, and Japan and the United States jointly take countermeasures. < / P > < p > “yamasakura” exercise is the largest bilateral joint command exercise held by US forces in Japan and Japan’s land self defense forces. It is reported that the exercise will be held on the unified information platform and will last until the 15th, with about 4000 Japanese participants and about 1000 American participants. < p > < p > the “light of the forest” exercise is participated by the Japanese land self defense force and the US Marine Corps, and the participating equipment includes CH-47 “chinugan” helicopter and MV-22 “Osprey” tilt rotor aircraft. The exercise adopts the concept of “expeditionary forward base operation”, that is, when a military conflict occurs in the Pacific region, small-scale amphibious forces will be dispersed on the relevant islands to form a distributed front to provide operational support for the US Navy. Kyodo news agency quoted U.S. Marine Corps officials participating in the performance as saying that the United States and Japan are conducting various kinds of interoperability training to improve their ability to capture and defend key maritime terrain. In addition to the above-mentioned exercises, the United States and Japan also participated in several joint military exercises at the same time this year. On October 26, the US Indo Pacific Command and the Japanese self defense forces launched a joint military exercise code named “sword-21” in Japan, Okinawa and its surrounding waters. The exercise involved several warships, hundreds of aircraft and nearly 50000 soldiers. In addition, the United States, Japan, India and Australia jointly participated in the second phase of the “malabar-2020” naval exercise in the northern Arabian Sea from November 17 to 20, mainly practicing maritime blockade, anti submarine and other subjects. < / P > < p > it should be pointed out that Japan and Britain have also strengthened military cooperation recently. According to Kyodo news agency, a number of Japanese government sources revealed that Britain will send the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier and its battle group to the Asia Pacific region in early 2021 to strengthen Britain’s military intervention capability in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the Western Pacific region. At that time, the aircraft carrier strike group with the “Queen Elizabeth” as the core will carry out joint exercises with the Japanese self defense force and the US military, and accept the support of the US military in Japan. In addition, the British side also intends to hand over the maintenance of the F-35B fighter to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. < / P > < p > the Japanese government attaches great importance to strengthening security cooperation with France. In addition to seeking to establish a “five eye alliance + Japan France” security cooperation mechanism, Japan also tries to pull France to participate in joint military exercises. According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, Japan’s self defense force, US and French forces plan to hold the first amphibious joint military exercise on Japan’s outlying islands in May 2021. At that time, the warships and land forces of the three countries will gather on the uninhabited island in the southwest of Japan. It is reported that there are many similarities between the contents of the exercise and the defense and recapture operations of outlying islands. < / P > < p > in recent years, while accelerating the pace of militarization, Japan has constantly drawn in neighboring countries and foreign forces, and has made frequent moves in sensitive regions, trying to break through the restrictions of the “Peace Constitution”. Japan’s move is not conducive to regional peace and stability, and deserves high vigilance and attention.