Japan plans to launch large-scale detection of new coronavirus in Tokyo Metropolitan Area 1 for the first time

According to the Ministry of health, health and labor of Japan, Tokyo dushita Valley District will become the first autonomous body in Japan to carry out large-scale detection of new coronavirus. Shitiangu district said that about 20000 staff of nursing homes and kindergartens in the district can be tested whether they have fever or not, and the cost is borne by the district government. According to Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan on the 24th, the shitiangu District Council plans to approve the relevant budget at its regular meeting in September, allocating about 400 million yen to provide free testing for about 20000 people, taking two months. Shitiangu district can detect up to 300 pieces a day, and the applicant must have fever and other symptoms, and need the permission of the doctor or health department, or the close contact of the confirmed patient. As of December 22, 1565 cases had been confirmed in shitiangu District, and more than 20 kindergartens or welfare facilities reported confirmed cases, the report said. The district government believes that asymptomatic patients may spread the virus unconsciously, so large-scale examination is needed. “It can be tested at any time and anywhere. I hope that the” shitiangu model “can be promoted.