Japan and Singapore reach an agreement on relaxing entry restrictions and plan to restart business contacts in September

According to a comprehensive report on August 14, on the 13th local time, Japanese Foreign Minister mauki minchong, who is on a foreign affairs visit to Singapore, held talks with Singapore’s foreign minister Vivan. The two sides agreed to relax the entry control measures implemented for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and plan to restart business contacts between the two countries from September. According to the report, Singapore and Japan are exploring relaxing entry restrictions by setting up two green channels of “short-term business” and “resident personnel”, so that business travelers and cross-border employees can go to each other’s countries on the premise of meeting quarantine conditions. < / P > < p > it is reported that MaoMu minchong and Singapore’s foreign minister Vivan issued a joint message on the evening of 13, announcing the above news. According to the joint announcement, the foreign ministers of the two countries have roughly reached a consensus on the establishment of a short-term business channel between the two countries, and instructed officials of the two countries to finalize the details of the agreement by early September at the latest. < / P > < p > it is said that those who travel through short-term business channels in the future must abide by the planned itinerary in the first 14 days and take necessary epidemic prevention measures. The number of permanent staff in the two countries will be limited to allow cross-border employees with work certificates to return to work. They are required to comply with the necessary public health measures upon arrival, including 14 days of home isolation.