It’s too hot! In Japan, at least 6664 people were hospitalized for heatstroke in a week and 10 died

On August 13, according to the Central News Agency, Japan has been shrouded by high pressure for days, and the temperature along the Pacific coast has risen. On the 12th local time, temperatures of more than 35 degrees Celsius were observed in many places in Japan, and it was reported that elderly people died of heatstroke in three counties. According to Japanese official statistics, a total of 6664 people were hospitalized for heatstroke from August 3 to 9, of which 10 died. According to reports, 144 of Japan’s 921 meteorological stations observed temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius on December 12, and many people suffered heatstroke. < / P > < p > at about 1:55 p.m. local time on the 12th, an 83 year old man in Daiwa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was found lying on his back in his courtyard and was sent to hospital after being found by nearby residents. In addition, Tochigi Prefecture line year old female died. The local fire department said the woman was found lying in her bedroom with the window closed and the air conditioner turned off. In chunrijing City, Aichi County, an 87 year old man lay down on the road and died. < / P > < p > the highest temperatures observed in various places on the 12th were 38.2 degrees Celsius in Jiazhou City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 37.8 degrees Celsius in Dafu City, Aichi Prefecture, 37.5 degrees Celsius in shinmiya City, Wakayama Prefecture, and 35.8 degrees Celsius in the capital of Tokyo, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. In the week from August 3 to 9, 6664 people were hospitalized for heatstroke, 10 of them died, the Fire Department of Japan’s Ministry of general affairs said on August 12. About 60% of the patients were over 65 years old, with 3836 people. 180 patients were seriously ill and needed to be hospitalized for more than 3 weeks. < / P > < p > in terms of prefectures, there are 668 people in Tokyo, followed by 484 in Saitama, 417 in Aichi, 412 in Osaka and 252 in Fukuoka.