It’s the second time this week that Indian border soldiers suddenly raise their guns and shoot themselves on duty

An Indian soldier killed himself with a military rifle when he was on duty in the Indian controlled Kashmir region near the Indian Pakistani border on Tuesday. It is reported that this is another suicide incident of Indian border soldiers within a week. According to local media reports such as “Kashmir observation” in India on the 2nd, this soldier named Kumar suddenly shot himself while on duty in Urie, an Indian controlled Kashmir region. His colleagues arrived at the scene and found Kumar in a pool of blood. Although his colleagues rushed the 22-year-old soldier to a hospital, he died in vain. Local police have confirmed the incident to the media, saying that the case has been filed and further investigation is under way. According to the associated press of Pakistan, 473 members of the Indian army and police forces have committed suicide near the disputed area of India and Pakistan since January 2007, and Kumar’s suicide is the second similar suicide in a week. The press trust of India also reported that on September 30, a 56 year old deputy inspector of Indian border security forces shot himself in the head at a border post on the outskirts of Jammu. He was taken to hospital and declared dead. < p > < p > it is reported that the suicide rate of the Indian army has been high. In mid September, India’s defense minister, sheripad Naik, confirmed that between 2010 and 2019, 901 Indian soldiers committed suicide. He said that after a series of studies conducted by the Indian Institute of defense psychology, family and personal problems, marital disharmony, stress and economic problems were listed as the main causes of suicide in Indian soldiers.