It’s scary! Relieve the pressure of epidemic prevention, Japanese lie in coffin and listen to ghost stories

novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the Japan times, reported that a new type of horror experience service has appeared in Japan recently, which lets people lie in coffin to listen to ghost stories to relieve the pressure of new crown pneumonia prevention and control. 23 < / P > < p > a Japanese ghost house activity planning company called “scare team” has launched this door-to-door service. The props brought by actors for the door-to-door performance are mainly a 2-meter-long coffin with a plastic window. Visitors can listen to ghost stories in the coffin and watch actors play ghosts and monsters outside the coffin, such as monstrous “zombies” waving steel saws. A performance of 15 minutes, charged 800 yen, the audience can release pressure in the scream. “Scare team” originally performed in amusement parks. However, due to the epidemic, many amusement parks in Japan were temporarily closed, so they have to find another way out.