It’s hard to walk! The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading in the campus of the United States.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is isolated in 600 counties and two counties in Florida,

reported Wednesday. The number of confirmed cases on university campuses in South Carolina, Missouri and other states is also increasing. < / P > < p > it is reported that 425 students and 31 teaching staff in the Martin County School District of Florida have been isolated from home and studying online since the school began on August 11. According to the test report released by Hillsborough County on the 1st, 159 students and staff in the county were positive for the new coronavirus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, including students and school staff, has been reported in 1026 cases, including 1017 confirmed cases, according to the latest report of the University of South Carolina campus in September 1st.

It also makes the school the highest number of confirmed university students in the United States so far. According to reports, the University of South Carolina reported at least 302 new cases on August 29. < / P > < p > at least 424 students on the University of Missouri Columbia campus have been diagnosed, according to the latest data on the campus website on September 1. The university has reported at least 591 student confirmed cases since August 19. In addition, Utah State University said it had found an increased level of new coronavirus in sewage samples collected from four dormitory buildings on campus. Previously, the school issued a security alert, requiring 287 students living in the school’s three dormitory buildings to be compulsorily tested and isolated.