Italy threatens to terminate Ryanair’s flight permit in violation of epidemic prevention regulations

On August 6, according to foreign media reports, on the 5th local time, the Italian civil aviation authority threatened to terminate the low-cost airline Ryanair’s flight permit in Italy due to suspected violation of the epidemic prevention regulations issued on the new crown. < / P > < p > in a statement, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority said Ryanair “not only does not respect the obligation to maintain the distance between passengers, but also ignores the conditions for exceptions to the relevant provisions.” According to the Italian civil aviation authority, if Ryanair continues to violate the regulations, it will “suspend its air transport activities at all national airports in Italy and require it to reschedule passengers who have already reserved their tickets.” In response, Ryanair said that the relevant statement of the Italian civil aviation authority was not true. “Ryanair fully complies with the regulations formulated by the Italian government, and our customers can rest assured that we are making every effort to reduce the contact between passengers on the plane and in the airport, so as to protect the health of passengers.”