Italy resettled more than 500 refugees in two days

China News Network on August 22, according to the report of the European Union News Agency quoted by the European network, Italy’s agri line refugees landed on the island of Lampedusa, all of whom have been resettled in the reception center. Due to the limited detection capacity of the new coronavirus, the staff of the reception center are worried that a large number of refugees will gather for fear of spreading the epidemic. According to reports, on the 19th local time, six refugee ships carrying 250 refugees landed on Lampedusa island; on the 20th, seven more boats landed on Lampedusa Island, with 276 refugees landing. < / P > < p > some refugees said that after the boat they were carrying was close to Lampedusa Island, the owner ordered them to jump into the sea and swim to the shore by themselves, and the boat turned around and drove deep into the sea. In the end, the refugees were rescued by the police and then resettled in a shelter on the island. The number of refugees in the two refugee centers funded and managed by the church has exceeded 1400, seriously exceeding the capacity of the centers, said Carmelo La magra, a clergyman on Lampedusa island. At present, the reception center does not have the conditions for large-scale detection of new coronavirus. Over 500 refugees were admitted in batches within two days. Bringing so many refugees together without virus testing may increase the risk of new coronavirus infection. He called on the health authorities to implement virus screening as soon as possible to eliminate the hidden danger of virus transmission.