Italian opposition party accuses refugees of causing epidemic crisis, authorities say 75% of patients are nationals

On August 6, according to the report of the European Union News Agency quoted by the European Union News Agency, Italy’s opposition coalition party chairman and national Senator Salvini once again criticized the ruling party’s refugee policy and accused refugees of “bringing the new coronavirus into Italy”. However, government officials said that 75% of the confirmed patients were Italian citizens. It is reported that in recent years, illegal landing incidents of refugees have occurred from time to time, the number of confirmed cases of refugees continues to increase, and refugee fleeing incidents continue to occur in the reception centers, resulting in the continuous warming of the refugee crisis in Italy, causing strong dissatisfaction and protest among the public. The Italian opposition party criticized and condemned the refugee policy of the authorities. According to Salvini, a large number of refugees are pouring into Italy, including many people infected with new coronavirus. These people will bring great risks to the health and safety of the people and prolong the time of health emergency. The government should be responsible for the new public health crisis caused by the failure to stop the refugees effectively. In response to the criticism from the opposition, Francesco Bocha, Italy’s minister of regional and autonomous affairs, said that the opposition leaders had deliberately directed public opinion towards refugees and security issues. In fact, all refugees arriving in Italy have been tested for the new coronavirus, and many have left Italy immediately. The novel coronavirus pneumonia has reached 248803 people in China, of which 75% of the confirmed patients are Italy citizens, according to

. The recent rebound in the new crown epidemic is mainly due to some Italians who do not abide by the epidemic prevention rules and hold illegal gatherings, which has led to the spread of the virus in the community. Although Italy has suffered from the first wave of epidemic crisis, some people still do not realize the seriousness of the epidemic and the fatal damage caused by the new coronavirus, Bocha said.