Italian officials say the first vaccinations will begin at the end of January

Rome, November 12 Italy will begin to vaccinate the first 1.7 million people with the new crown vaccine from the end of January 2021, and gradually expand the scope of vaccination, the special commissioner of Italy’s new crown emergency committee said on November 12. Speaking at a news conference on the same day, alcuri said that although the number of new cases is still increasing in absolute terms, the epidemic growth in Italy is slowing down. He said that 37978 new crown confirmed cases were added in Italy on December 12, an increase of 10% over the previous seven days; 19644 cases were added on October 24, 80% more than the previous seven days; and 5724 cases were added on October 10, an increase of 102% compared with the previous seven days. Italian health minister Speranza signed a new epidemic prevention regulation on December 12, bringing the northern borzano region into the red area under the most strict control of epidemic prevention. Previously, Calabria region in the south, Lombardy region, Piedmont region and valleda OSTA region in the north have been included in the red area of the epidemic. Except for work or health-related reasons, people in the red area can not go out. Except for pharmacies, restaurants and grocery stores, other retailers have suspended business. According to the new epidemic data released by the Ministry of health of Italy, the total number of confirmed cases in Italy exceeded one million on November 11, 1066401 cases were confirmed on December 12, 43589 cases died and 387758 cases were cured.