It takes 10 months for ideal one to deliver more than 20000 vehicles in total

A few days ago, we learned from the ideal auto official that as of October 18, 2020, ideal auto has delivered more than 20000 ideal one to users. Since the delivery officially started in December 2019, ideal auto has set a record of 20000 vehicles delivered in 10 months. < / P > < p > in the satisfaction survey of delivered users, users are satisfied with the driving comfort and no mileage anxiety brought by ideal one extended range electric drive, as well as the sense of technology brought by four screen interaction. Since ideal one began to deliver to users, from December last year to now, ideal one has launched eight OTA software upgrades to create a continuously improved car experience for users. In October, ideal car will also launch OTA software to provide users with a more convenient car experience. < / P > < p > next, the five ideal automobile retail centers in Xining, Haikou, Wenzhou, Weifang and Nantong will open in October. In the fourth quarter of this year, the ideal automobile retail center will further cover Shanxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Ningxia and other blank provinces.