It is difficult to resolve the conflict in the border demarcation between Afghanistan and Asia

According to foreign media reports, the Armenian Ministry of Defense announced on November 26 that it will gradually push forward the demarcation work in the Naka region. Armenian defense ministry said that the demarcation operation will be attended by representatives of Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani parties. Armenian will install temporary isolation gates in the border areas, suspend traffic links between Armenian territory and kelbajar, and ensure the smooth completion of the demarcation work. After the demarcation operation, Armenian and Azerbaijani troops will be stationed in their respective borders on both sides of the border to ensure border security. With the Russian peacekeepers stationed in Naka, the local situation seems to be developing in a better direction, but the armistice agreement has not solved the existing contradictions in Naka, and hidden dangers still exist. < / P > < p > according to the armistice agreement, Armenian will return part of its previously occupied territory and build a road connecting the Azerbaijani territory and its enclave, nahchevan, to ensure the smooth flow of the road. In exchange, Azerbaijan allowed the Armenians to keep the 5 km wide Lachin corridor connecting the Armenian and Naka regions. On November 25, the Asian side withdrew from the kelbajar area, and the Arab side took over the area, which is the second piece of land in the Naka area that the Arab side took over from the Asian side. < / P > < p > the Armenian people reacted strongly to the armistice agreement. After the signing of the agreement, an outbreak broke out in Yerevan, the capital. Thousands of Armenians surrounded the government and Parliament. Some protestors even occupied the prime minister’s office and parliament hall. They demanded that Prime Minister pashniyan step down and withdraw from the cease-fire agreement. < / P > < p > Azerbaijan is also dissatisfied with the armistice agreement. It is understood that Azerbaijan originally planned to recover the Naka region at one stroke and completely resolve the Naka dispute. Today, Azerbaijan believes that although it has recovered part of its territory, the rest of Naka is still under Armenian control. < / P > < p > Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that “stopping the bloodshed is the most important achievement of the armistice agreement.”. The armistice agreement did not fundamentally solve the problem, and the existing contradictions surrounding the Naka region were only temporarily suppressed. < / P > < p > in this conflict, the powder keg of Naka was temporarily “frozen” by an agreement. In the short run, peace can be achieved in the Naka region for a short time, but in the long run, the regional situation is still complicated. < / P > < p > in this conflict, Turkey has provided a large number of military equipment for Azerbaijan and greatly strengthened its influence in Central Asia. Turkey may take the opportunity to accelerate its penetration into regional countries. Although Russia was dissatisfied with Pro US Armenian Prime Minister pasinian before, it would not sit by and watch Turkey’s power grow in Central Asia. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been interfered with by the US before, but the adjustment of the new government’s foreign policy is not yet known. After this battle, Armenian vitality is greatly damaged, and its disappointment with the United States and realistic dependence on Russia may prompt the Armenian government to move closer to Russia again. In the face of the game between various forces, peace in the Naka region is still shrouded in clouds.