Israeli warplanes bombed Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip

Jerusalem, August 6, the Israeli Defense Forces issued a statement on the evening of 6, saying that Israeli warplanes bombed the military targets of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement in the Gaza Strip that night. The statement said that balloons carrying explosive devices flew from the Gaza Strip to Israel during the day of the 6th. In response, Israeli warplanes bombed a Hamas infrastructure used for underground activities in the strip that night. This is another attack by Israeli warplanes on Hamas military targets this month. On the 2nd, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel and was intercepted by the “Iron Dome” defense system of the Israeli army. In retaliation, the Israeli army bombed several Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip at midnight on the 2nd and early in the morning on the 3rd. In April this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a coalition government agreement with the leader of the middle party, the blue and white party, Ganz. According to the agreement, Israel will begin to implement sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank from July 1 under the so-called “New Middle East peace plan” of the United States, covering about 30% of the West Bank. Since the signing of the agreement, the tension between Palestine and Israel has intensified. On June 25, Hamas said on social media that Israel’s annexation plan was “a declaration of war against the Palestinian people.”.