Israeli air raid on Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip

Jerusalem, October 23, the Israeli Defense Forces issued a statement in the early morning of 23, saying that the Israeli army bombed the military targets of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement in the Gaza Strip on the night of 22. The statement said two rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel that night. In response, Israeli warplanes bombed a Hamas weapons manufacturing base and an underground infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. However, the Israeli army said that Hamas should be responsible for all the incidents in the Gaza Strip and bear all consequences caused by its attempt to harm Israeli civilians. Since the beginning of August this year, Hamas armed forces have launched rockets into the direction of Israel and released balloons with arson devices. In response, the Israeli army has shelled and air raided Hamas military targets for many consecutive days. Under the mediation of Qatar, the two sides reached an understanding agreement on August 31, aimed at curbing the escalation of regional tensions. With the help of the United States, Israel signed a normalization agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain at the White House of the United States on September 15. The relevant agreements have been opposed by all parties in Palestine, and the tension between Palestine and Israel has escalated.