Israel opposes US sale of F-35 to Qatar

Israeli intelligence minister Eli Cohen said on the 11th that Israel would oppose any plan by the United States to sell F-35 stealth fighters to Qatar to ensure Israel’s regional military superiority. Qatar has officially offered to buy the F-35 stealth fighter from the United States, Reuters reported on the 7th. Qatar and the United States have not confirmed it for the time being. On the 11th, Israeli military radio asked Keheng whether Israel would oppose Qatar’s purchase plan. Keheng replied: “the answer is yes. For Israel, our security and military superiority in the region is crucial. ” In August, the United Arab Emirates and Israel agreed to normalize their relations under the mediation of the United States. Reuters reported that in the relevant agreement, the United States agreed to the UAE to buy F-35 fighters. Qatar’s request to buy the F-35 follows the agreement. According to Reuters, the United States seeks to contain Iran and therefore intends to help its military allies in the region, including Qatar.