Israel and the United Arab Emirates to achieve full normalization of relations

The Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said in a statement on the 13th local time that the UAE’s crown prince Muhammad of Abu Dhabi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President trump reached an agreement after a tripartite call on the same day, agreeing to fully normalize relations between the UAE and Israel. The statement jointly issued by the three parties said that the two countries will sign an agreement in the next few weeks, involving investment, tourism, direct flights, security, mutual embassies, etc. The statement said that at the request of President trump and with the support of the UAE, Israel will suspend its “implementation of sovereignty” over the region mentioned in the US “New Middle East peace plan” and will focus on expanding its relations with other Arab and Islamic countries. < p > < p > according to Radio France Internationale, the statement makes the United Arab Emirates the first Gulf Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and the third Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Earlier, Jordan and Egypt had reached peace agreements with Israel. < p > < p > Netanyahu said that this breakthrough agreement is a “historic day” for Israel and also welcomes the arrival of a “new era” in Israel’s relations with the Arab world. Israeli ambassador to the United States demer also described the day as “a great day of peace.”. < / P > < p > after the release of the joint statement, trump published an article on social media calling it a “great breakthrough”. “Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Islamic countries to follow suit,” he said < / P > < p > as a Gulf state with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain congratulated the United Arab Emirates on reaching an agreement with the United States and Israel to prevent Israel from annexing Palestinian territory. The Foreign Ministry of Bahrain issued a statement saying that the agreement will help increase the chances of realizing peace in the Middle East. Bahrain appreciated the “sincere diplomatic efforts” of the UAE side, stressing that this historic step will help strengthen peace and stability in the region. However, the statement did not make a specific evaluation of the normalization of bilateral relations between the UAE and Israel. Similarly, Egyptian President Al Sisi did not mention the normalization of relations. “I have carefully read the joint statement between the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Israel on stopping Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land and deeply appreciate it,” he said on social media British Prime Minister Johnson welcomed the normalization of relations between the two countries and Israel’s decision not to annex the occupied West Bank. “I had a deep wish not to annex the West Bank,” he tweeted. “Today’s agreement to suspend this plan is a welcome step on the road to a more peaceful Middle East.” According to the official news agency of the United Arab Emirates, foreign affairs minister garjash of the United Arab Emirates said, “this decisive action to freeze the Palestinian territory is a major diplomatic achievement, which further strengthens the belief of the United Arab Emirates that the establishment of normal relations with Israel will enable it to play a direct and constructive role in strengthening the security and stability of the region The role. ” < / P > < p > according to the analysis of the Wall Street Journal, the UAE’s move is a deliberate one, believing that the suspension of Israel’s annexation is enough to quell criticism of its improvement of relations with its “old enemy” Israel. But the article also warned that the UAE’s move will increase pressure on Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to follow suit. The article of Le Monde points out that in recent years, Israel has developed informal cooperation with countries in the region, such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, in order to seek normalization of relations with these countries, and try to normalize relations with Arab countries, so as to promote a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel. < / P > < p > nevertheless, the “ice breaking” between the UAE and Israel still triggered a strong reaction from the Palestinian side. The Palestinian leader made it clear that he “rejects and condemns” the agreement between the UAE and Israel, saying that “the agreement betrays Jerusalem.”. The Palestinian foreign ministry said it was recalling the Palestinian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates in response to the agreement. Al Jazeera website news also pointed out that a number of Arab organizations criticized the agreement. < p > < p > the Islamic resistance movement described the incident as “a reward for the crimes of Israeli occupation”, and Hamas spokesman balhoum said: “the normalization of Israeli Arab relations is a stab in the back of our people.”. “The position of the Republic of Yemen will remain firm, its position on the cause of Palestine and the inalienable rights of its compatriots will not change, and its position on the establishment of an independent state with the holy city of Jerusalem as its capital will not change,” said Mohamed Hadrami, Minister of foreign affairs of Yemen