Israel and Italy reach a mutually beneficial agreement on arms purchase

The US defense news website reported that recently, the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Italian Ministry of defense signed an arms purchase reciprocal agreement. Israel will purchase 12 Italian training helicopters and 2 simulators for air force flight schools. In exchange, Italy will obtain the “spike” series of anti tank missiles and Elbit system simulators from Israel. In addition to enhancing their military strength, the political and economic influence behind the agreement can not be ignored. According to the agreement, Israel purchased aw119kx training helicopter from Italy. The helicopter is a light single engine helicopter, its dynamic performance, load capacity and safety standards are far beyond the existing Israeli training aircraft. The Israeli Defense Ministry said the helicopter will replace the bel 206 helicopter used by Israel since the 1970s as the main training helicopter in Israel. < / P > < p > the weapons Italy purchased from Israel are the “spike” series of anti tank missiles. The “spike” is the fourth generation of anti tank guidance weapon developed by Israel at the end of the 20th century. It is equipped and used in many countries with the characteristics of diversity, flexibility, autonomous control and wide application. For Israel, on the one hand, it can strengthen defense industry and promote economic development. Israel’s economic situation has not been optimistic due to its narrow geographical location, lack of resources and long-term hostile atmosphere. Israel hopes to obtain rich economic resources through arms export, so as to realize a virtuous circle between military scientific research departments and production enterprises, develop military industry and drive the development of national economy. On the other hand, deepen relations with Italy and gain political support. Israel has always regarded arms trade as an important means to conclude allies and enhance its international status. Signing an arms purchase reciprocity agreement with Italy can further deepen bilateral relations and gain support on international issues such as the Middle East issue. For Italy, seeking the cooperation of international defense industry has always been one of its defense development strategies. After brexit, Britain has been accelerating the process of building an independent defense system, the bilateral defense cooperation between Germany and France has been deepening, and Italy’s position in the field of European defense is becoming more and more marginalized. Italy urgently needs to expand its influence in the world and explore a new path of defense development so as to occupy a place in European defense. Reaching an arms purchase reciprocity agreement with Israel can not only enhance its military strength, but also enable Italy to gain support in the future defense field.