Is Finland buying more weapons and equipment to prevent Russia?

Finland is one of the few permanent neutral countries in the world, but after joining the European Union in 1995, Finland has gradually become the frontier of confrontation between the West and Russia. Since Crimea’s entry into Russia in 2014, Finland’s tendency toward the West has become more and more obvious. In recent years, Finland has not only strengthened its military cooperation with NATO, but also continuously purchased weapons and equipment to strengthen its combat readiness. According to the US “defense news” website, Finland’s defense ministry recently announced that Finland will purchase a large number of fighter planes and anti tank weapons to strengthen the overall combat strength of the Finnish armed forces. According to reports, the U.S. government officially approved the sale of F / A-18E / F fighters and f-35a fighters to Finland on October 10, aiming to meet the requirements of the ongoing fighter replacement program of the Finnish air force. Documents issued by the United States Defense Security Cooperation Agency show that the Finnish air force can obtain two procurement options. The main body of the first procurement program includes 50 single seat f / A-18E fighters, eight two seat f / a-18f fighters and 14 ea-18g EW aircraft, with a total price of about $14.7 billion. The total price of the second procurement plan is about 12.5 billion US dollars, including 64 f-35a fighters, etc. It is reported that both of them include a large number of air-to-air missile training programs, such as air-to-air missile training and maintenance, including a large number of missile and air-to-air support equipment. < / P > < p > it should be pointed out that, in addition to the United States, other European countries are also actively competing for orders from Finland, including French Rafale fighter, Swedish Griffin fighter, European Typhoon fighter, etc. In this regard, some analysts pointed out that Finland is more likely to choose us fighter planes. Finland has been trying to strengthen U.S. – Finnish relations by purchasing American style equipment and increase its chips against Russia. In addition, the main fighters of the Finnish air force are us made f / A-18C / D “Bumblebee” fighters, and have relevant experience in using American fighters. Finland is also likely to choose the f-35a fighter. At present, many European countries have purchased the f-35a fighter and used it as the main fighter. As the security situation in Europe continues to change, many countries said that they would continue to purchase this type of aircraft. In addition, on October 9, Finnish defense minister andI kekening authorized the defense forces logistics command to spend more than 30 million US dollars to purchase M72 series light anti tank weapons and related training facilities. It is reported that the procurement plan is part of Finland’s national defense development plan and aims to improve the anti tank capability of the Finnish defense force. The Finnish military says the equipment will be used in modern battlefields to ensure that the Finnish defense force has the ability to destroy light armored targets. Currently, the Finnish defense force is testing the improved model of M72 series light anti tank weapons. In response to the US decision to sell fighter planes to Finland, deputy commander in chief of the Russian army, Stuart nikin, said on October 12 that the US sale of f-35a fighters to Finland would not trigger Russian panic. Russia has deployed armored clusters with powerful firepower and defensive weapons including S-400 air defense system in the western border area. In addition, the soviet-35 fighters of the Russian Aerospace army are capable of meeting any air challenges.