Iraqi Shiite militiamen offer conditions for suspending attacks on us targets

The leaders of three Iraqi Shi’ite militia forces told the associated press on the 11th that the Shiite militia agreed to temporarily stop attacking American targets in Iraq, provided that the U.S. – led international coalition forces withdraw in accordance with a resolution of the Iraqi parliament. Muhammad Muhi, a spokesman for the “Allah brigades” of Shiite militiamen, said that a number of Shiite militiamen have proposed a cease-fire initiative and intend to stop attacking US targets, including the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, on the premise that foreign forces withdraw “within an acceptable period of time,” and “if not, the resistance forces will restart military activities.”. The U.S. Embassy in Iraq, military bases and other facilities have been hit by rockets many times since this year. The US side believes that the “Allah brigades” launched these attacks and requires the Iraqi government to control the Shiite militia and ensure the security of the US side. < / P > < p > over the past few weeks, attacks on the “green zone” of the Iraqi capital, the International Airport in Baghdad and the International League convoys have increased, causing dissatisfaction in some countries. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa kadimi confirmed that the United States and some other countries have indicated that they may close their embassies in Iraq if the rocket attacks continue to occur in Baghdad. According to the associated press, the “Iraqi resistance coordination agency”, which is believed to include “Allah brigades”, “justice alliance” and “noble movement”, issued a statement on the 10th, declaring “to stop military operations against foreign targets in Iraq, especially those of the US military.”. Just hours before the leaders of the Shiite militia were interviewed by the associated press, a convoy carrying equipment for coalition forces in Iraq was hit by a roadside bomb attack on a road south of Baghdad, causing damage to one vehicle, the report quoted a statement from Iraqi government forces. According to the associated press, the attack made the outside world worried that there were many Shiite armed factions, and not all organizations agreed to temporarily stop attacking US targets. Micro special manuscript