Iraq destroys an important stronghold of extremist groups in northern Baghdad

On August 23, local time, the Iraqi security department issued a statement saying that the Iraqi security forces cooperated with the intelligence agencies to exterminate an important extremist organization stronghold in northern Baghdad. According to the statement, after more than 60 days of intelligence tracking, the Iraqi military carried out an air raid on this stronghold on the night of 22nd local time. Most of the members of the extremist organizations hidden in it were killed and a few escaped. At present, the security forces are still confirming the number of people and pursuing them. After the air raid, Iraqi security forces carried out an inventory of the dens and found some wanted bodies, 12 mobile phones, various military equipment and explosive devices. This operation is also a response to the death of brigadier general hazraji of the Iraqi security forces. On July 18, hazraji’s motorcade was hit by a roadside bomb while passing through the Tamiya area, north of Baghdad. Hazraji was killed. According to the Iraqi intelligence service confirmed that the exterminated extremist organization stronghold was the culprit of the attack.