Iran’s defense minister says it is ready for arms import and export trade

Tehran, October 19, Iran’s defense minister Khatami said on the 19th that Iran is ready for arms import and export trade. According to Tasnim news agency, Khatami said Iran has held talks with some countries on arms trade issues. Iran’s defense needs can be self-sufficient, and its arms trade will mainly focus on exports. Iran has made remarkable progress in the manufacture of Army Ammunition, artillery, warships, submarines, and UAV technology. Iran’s defense products are efficient and affordable. According to UN resolution 2231 and the comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue, Iran’s arms embargo agreement expired on October 18. Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the same day, announcing that the UN arms embargo against Iran will automatically terminate unconditionally from now on. Iran can purchase any necessary weapons and equipment from any source according to its own defense needs, or export defensive weapons according to its own policies.