Iran confirms seizure of UAE ship

Iran’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on the 20th that Iran has seized a United Arab Emirates ship because it illegally broke into Iranian territorial waters earlier this week. “The Iranian coast guard seized a UAE vessel illegally breaking into China’s territorial waters on the 17th,” Iranian state television quoted a foreign ministry statement as saying. On the same day, the UAE coast guard shot and killed two Iranian fishermen and seized an Iranian fishing boat. ” < / P > < p > “the Ministry of foreign affairs of Iran emphasizes the necessity of releasing the detained persons and vessels, and demands the UAE to return the remains, claim compensation for losses and take necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents,” the Iranian foreign ministry said in a statement On the 19th, he expressed his deep sorrow in writing on this incident and announced that he was ready to compensate all the losses. ” The United Arab Emirates News Agency reported on the 17th that the United Arab Emirates Coast Guard tried to stop eight Iranian fishing boats from breaking into the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates, without mentioning casualties. Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States issued a joint statement on the 13th, announcing that Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to fully normalize their relations. Iran strongly condemns it. [micro special draft]