International: it’s necessary to postpone the election of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. It’s hypocritical of the US government to say anything about it

many people said novel coronavirus pneumonia was forced to postpone the election of the Legislative Council in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Government under the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation. It is a highly responsible choice for Hongkong citizens. Brian Baker, head of the United States alliance against war and racial discrimination: I think it is completely legal for the Hong Kong SAR government to postpone the election of the Legislative Council, and it is also a measure to protect people’s security. The United States government is basically hypocritical in its remarks on this issue, and it is entirely for political purposes. American politicians try their best to demonize China and create hatred and hostility towards China. Erkin ernjan, a senior media person in Turkey: due to the epidemic situation, many things have been cancelled or postponed all over the world. The situation is similar not only in Hong Kong, China, but also in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. In the United States, local elections in 16 states have been postponed. Will such a decision not threaten democracy in the United States, but in Hong Kong? This shows the hypocrisy of the West.