International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Gramsci arrives in Tehran

According to Iran’s official news agency, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran on the evening of 24 local time. Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Kamal Wandi went to the airport to greet him. It is reported that Grossi’s visit is the first visit to Iran since he became director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency in December last year. It aims to establish a cooperative and effective channel for direct dialogue with the Iranian government and promote substantial progress on a number of outstanding issues, especially the issue of access of IAEA staff to two Iranian facilities. According to an analysis by Iran, during the new term of office of the International Atomic Energy Agency, its actions towards Iran are political. Grossi’s visit to Iran and his meeting with senior Iranian officials will create an opportunity for the IAEA to re play its role as an international agency and provide a basis for reaching a common solution and performing its supervisory functions in a non political manner. < / P > < p > Iran maintains a record of the number of times it has been verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and has repeatedly indicated that there is no concealment in its peaceful nuclear activities and will continue to cooperate constructively with the IAEA within the legal and technical framework. Such cooperation will continue as long as the IAEA abides by its professional obligations and does not use Iran’s goodwill to meet the demands of certain countries.