Integration of technology and luxury

A few days ago, we obtained a set of interior drawings of the first mass-produced vehicle, the hiphi x, with multiple full LCD screens and exclusive interactive screens at the co pilot’s position, creating an immersive cockpit layout. < / P > < p > from the exposure diagram, the hi hi Phi X has an all black interior with a combination of anodized metal and black chrome plating, and is decorated with orange double seams. The whole car also uses vegetable tanning semi aniline leather for large area wrapping. < / P > < p > hiphi x is equipped with three large-size LCD screens, including 14.6-inch full LCD instrument, 16.9-inch central touch screen and 19.9-inch copier entertainment display screen. The all liquid crystal display builds an intelligent interactive immersive cabin, which can provide powerful interactive support. There are almost no physical buttons in the interior of the whole car, which brings a very simple design style and an efficient and convenient control mode like operating a smart phone. You can switch and operate various functions and interfaces by using different hand gestures on the screen (such as sliding, clicking, dragging, etc.). < / P > < p > the multi-functional sports steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has the functions of memory, heating, vibration and off hand detection. It is equipped with the only two touchpad touch panels in China. Users can easily control the relevant information and switch the driving mode or energy recovery level through the paddles on the steering wheel. A voice control shortcut key is also set in the position closest to the thumb, so that users can wake up hiphigo at any time. < / P > < p > the armrest of the central control panel is decorated with drawing aluminum panel. On the 16.9 inch central control panel, users can accurately and conveniently adjust the temperature and air volume, and the interface design is simple and clear. Under the sliding cover plate of the central control armrest, there are two cup holders and the mobile phone wireless seat charge. < / P > < p > the two independent executive seats are equipped with electric leg support. The height of the second row seat is slightly higher than that of the front seat. At the same time, the second row seat can slide 360 mm forward and backward. At the same time, it also supports lateral sliding, and is equipped with independent folding armrest to meet the user’s comfort. The second row seats and the front seats are also equipped with seat memory, heating, ventilation and back massage functions to further enhance luxury and comfort.