Innovation superimposed learning to create “innovation · new force” Dima education public welfare to upgrade again

On the road of education public welfare, Dima shares has made great achievements again. On December 16, the 2020 “innovation power” award ceremony was held in Chongqing University of technology and industry. The award ceremony not only included the traditional Dima firewood scholarship award, but also added the award of entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge and the signing of internship base. < / P > < p > “firewood scholarship” was established in 2012, which is one of the core projects of Dima’s education public welfare system. It aims to help poor students with excellent character and learning, and pay more attention to personal talent growth. Since 2019, the program has been upgraded to help a wider range of outstanding graduate students. At the same time, in 2020, it will not only help poor students by awarding scholarships, but also carry out discipline competitions through multi-party linkage, so that outstanding people can play their strengths. < / P > < p > “Dima · firewood scholarship” mainly evaluates the students from the aspects of family conditions, academic performance, professional level and social experience. Through the primary election and interview, 30 excellent poor college students are finally selected, and each of them is awarded a scholarship of 10000 yuan. At the same time, Dima Co., Ltd. provides scholarship winners with internship opportunities in Dima and its subordinate sectors, as well as opportunities to become volunteers of Dima public welfare foundation. < p > < p > Liu Qi, vice president of Dima, said that in order to further stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship potential of college students, “Dima · firewood scholarship” set up a sub scholarship this year to select young students through the “Dima Dongyuan Cup” entrepreneurship and innovation challenge, mainly to investigate the ability of college students to solve social problems with innovative ideas, and the relationship between the sub scholarship and the original poor college students The system goes hand in hand, which further reflects Dima’s attention to the growth of domestic talents. < / P > < p > it is reported that this competition has created the largest number of teams participating in this kind of competition in Chongqing University of technology and industry, attracting 156 teams from Chongqing University of technology and industry to participate in. 156 colorful and innovative plans were submitted. After the preliminary competition, maker training camp, entrepreneurship round table, roadshow video online voting and final, nine teams finally emerged and won the grand prize Awards. < / P > < p > in addition to the awards of “Dima · firewood scholarship” and “Dima Dongyuan Cup” entrepreneurship and innovation challenge, the southwest region of Dongyuan group of Dima shares has signed an internship practice base cooperation agreement with the school of Business Administration of Chongqing University of technology and industry to create a more three-dimensional and in-depth talent assistance and training system. < p > < p > Wang Lei, vice president of Dongyuan group, also said that in the entries of “houlang”, we have seen excellent teamwork ability and innovative ability to solve problems, which have brought us many innovative solutions. At present, 109 students of Business University are struggling in various positions of Dongyuan group. This year, Dongyuan group further built an internship practice base with the school of business administration, hoping that more outstanding talents will know themselves and society earlier in the future, and be able to innovate and start businesses in the future, or join Dongyuan group to create a different future with us. < / P > < p > Li Guojun, vice president of Chongqing University of technology and industry, said that he was very grateful to Dima shares and the southwest region of Dongyuan group for their attention to Chongqing University of technology and industry. He also hoped that the completion of the internship base and the launch of the Challenge Cup competition could promote more and more interaction between enterprises and schools, and provide better internship employment opportunities and innovation and entrepreneurship for Guangzhou University. < / P > < p > as the first listed company in Chongqing, Dima has been actively creating value for the society for many years, investing a lot of material and financial resources, continuing public innovation, and striving for a peaceful and happy future. Because of the long-term novel coronavirus pneumonia performance, the government has won the highest award in the Chongqing charity field, the Chongqing Charity Award, Chongqing’s “10000 enterprises and 10000 villages”, the advanced private enterprises in Chongqing’s sophisticated anti poverty action, and Chongqing’s new private enterprises to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. 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