Inheriting the spirit of Shangganling and improving the combat effectiveness of the army

Wuhan October 23: inheriting the spirit of Shangganling and improving the combat effectiveness of the army. With the spirit of fearlessness in the face of danger and the skill of hard training, the officers and men of “Shangganling special merit eighth company” successfully landed in the predetermined area and launched an attack quickly < / P > < p > “68 years later, the spirit of Shangganling, which was tempered in the fire of war, has been integrated into the blood of officers and soldiers, and has become an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the company.” “Shangganling special merit eight company” instructor Zhu Huafeng said. In the battle of Shangganling in October 1952, the officers and soldiers of the eighth company fought bloody for 43 days, stuck to the tunnels for 14 days, wiped out more than 1700 enemies, and finally put the flag full of 381 bullet holes on the main peak of Shangganling, which was recorded as a collective special merit by the headquarters of the volunteer army. < / P > < p > – in August 2013, for the first time, the eighth company participated in the multiple aircraft and multi equipment mixed equipment company launch and large army group parachute landing, and the airborne troops initially formed large-scale airborne combat capability. < / P > < p > in the “international military competition – 2018” airborne platoon event, the Chinese airborne team was set up with “Shangganling special merit eighth company” as the main body. < / P > < p > in the drizzle, an airborne combat vehicle rolls up the mud, continuously crosses the anti tank trench, the shoal and the rutted bridge, quickly reduces gears and stops, two beautiful tail flicks, and cleanly passes through the “s” shaped restricted road At the end of the chariot relay race, the second place was locked in the Chinese and Venezuelan teams, and their strength was equal. The final key was the penalty circle. < p > < p > since the start of the competition, the No. 803 chariot of the Chinese airborne team has been stuck behind by the wheeled chariot of the Venezuelan team due to the narrow track used for the penalty circle. If it can not be surpassed, it will surely lose. Xie Shiwei, driver of the no.803 chariot and soldier of the eighth company, firmly grasped the chariot of the Venezuelan team. When the vehicle reached the shooting ground line, he seized the rare opportunity to accelerate sharply from one side and insert directly in front of the wheeled chariot to realize the counter attack. However, no one chose to give up and retreat. When they returned home to share their feelings, almost everyone said the same thing – as long as they thought of their oath to the flag of war before the competition, even if there was one breath left, they would rush forward like the martyrs’ bloody battle in Shangganling. < / P > < p > during an exercise, when the aircraft was flying to the airdrop area, tornadoes and sandstorms suddenly occurred, the synthetic wind in the air suddenly intensified, and many officers and soldiers stayed in the air for a long time. When landing, many officers and soldiers were dragged by strong winds, their fingers and knees were worn to pieces, and some were even pulled out more than 1000 meters away. Li Rudu, the monitor of the fourth class, fell down from more than 10 meters in the air for four times in a row, and his head was bloody. But he endured the pain and continued to command the whole class to fight. Finally, he collapsed at the scene of the exercise because of his heavy injury. < / P > < p > “the officers and men of the eighth company have never lacked blood, because the spirit of” only blowing the bugle and not retreating “has been rooted in the soul of every officer and soldier.” The commander of the eighth company said to the East. For many years, the officers and soldiers of the eighth company have held high the heroic banner of Shangganling and performed well in the transformation and construction of the army, major military operations, and urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks. The company has been advanced for 66 years in a row, which has become a business card for the grass-roots construction of airborne troops in the new era.