Infiniti qx60 monograph concept car will appear at Beijing Auto Show

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that Infiniti qx60 monograph concept car will appear at the 2020 Beijing auto show, which is the world’s first offline show. < / P > < p > graph concept car shows Infiniti’s design outlook for the next generation qx60 and future products, and will reveal Infiniti’s future design concept and development trend of technology and equipment. < / P > < p > from the preview, we can see that the graph concept car has more slender headlights. The interior light source should be designed with full led. At the same time, the front logo is also on, which looks very cool. We hope that mass production vehicles can have this design in the future. In terms of power system, although there is no official information yet, according to the future product planning of Nissan Infiniti, it is speculated that the current 2.5t oil electric hybrid system may continue to be used, and the extended range hybrid vehicle or pure electric vehicle may also be launched.