Indonesia’s sinapun volcano erupted again, with ash plumes as high as 2000 meters (photo)

On August 14, according to foreign media reports, sinapun volcano in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province erupted again on August 13 local time, with a plume of ash as high as 2000 meters. It is said that this is at least the eighth eruption of the volcano in less than a week, and no casualties have been reported. According to the report, Indonesian authorities have issued a warning to planes flying near the volcano that “there may be more volcanic eruptions, and airlines should remain vigilant.” < / P > < p > a spokesman for Indonesia’s National Disaster Reduction Agency said the volcano is currently in the second alert level. Authorities have set a five kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano and warned of possible lava flows. The sinapun volcano, located in Karo County, North Sumatra province, Indonesia, erupted again in 2010 after nearly 400 years of silence. The volcano has entered an active period in recent years, and the eruption in February 2014 killed 16 people.