Indonesian search and rescue personnel salvaged the bodies of some of the victims of the plane crash

Jakarta, January 10 Indonesian police said on January 10 that Indonesian search and rescue personnel have recovered the bodies of some of the victims of the crash of Indonesia’s sanfoqi airlines and transported them to Indonesia’s National Police Hospital for autopsy. < p > < p > on the same day, Omar, head of the health department of the Jakarta police station, called on the families of the passengers of the plane to go to the Indonesian National Police Hospital as soon as possible to submit information and articles that can help identify the victims. < / P > < p > the national search and rescue administration of Indonesia, together with the Ministry of transport, the Indonesian military and the Indonesian National Traffic Safety Commission, is carrying out rescue operations in the sea area. Officials from Indonesia’s national search and rescue agency say rescuers have picked up clothes and wreckage of the suspected victims in the waters off laki island in Jakarta’s thousand island region. < p > < p > commander in chief of the Indonesian National Army Hadi told local media that the Indonesian navy has captured the signal sent by the suspected passenger plane, and divers are now launching to confirm. < / P > < p > according to Indonesian media reports, the bad weather in the sea area caused difficulties in search and rescue operations. Indonesia’s meteorological, climate and Geophysical Bureau predicted that there would be rainfall and strong wind in the Kuril Islands region on the 10th. < p > < p > at 14:36 local time on the 9th, the Boeing 737-500 passenger plane of Indonesia sanfoqi airlines with 62 people on board took off from Jakarta International Airport and went to kundian, the capital of West Kalimantan province. At about 14:40 local time, it lost contact with the ground and was later found to crash in the waters of the thousand island islands area in Jakarta. According to the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, the Indonesian side said that after preliminary verification, there were no non Indonesian passengers on board. < / P > < p > sanfoqi airlines, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, mainly operates domestic routes and a small number of international routes. It is understood that the plane had a test flight in May 1994 and joined the sanfoqi air fleet for eight years.