Indonesia has diagnosed more than 130000 cases in total, and President Joko promotes accelerated economic recovery

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Jakarta, China, was announced on 12 th afternoon by

, China News Agency, August 12th. 1942 cases were confirmed by new crown pneumonia on that day, and 130718 cases were confirmed. There were 79 new deaths and 5903 cumulative deaths. < / P > < p > the capital, Jakarta, with an increase of 529 cases, became the administrative region with the largest number of new cases reported on that day. According to the report of yanxi’a, the person in charge of the Labor Department of Jakarta, 51 companies were temporarily closed after the on-site inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and health standards for 3349 companies, among which 44 were found positive for new coronavirus and 7 violated the epidemic prevention and health standards. Currently, Jakarta is the most serious epidemic area in Indonesia with a total of 27153 confirmed cases. On March 3, zoko called for a two-week nationwide “mask wearing” campaign to curb the spread of the new coronavirus at a cabinet meeting on “epidemic prevention and economic recovery”. Previously, Zoke inspected the epidemic prevention and control work in East Java province, where the epidemic was the most serious, and found that more than 70% of the people in some places did not wear masks in public places. Subsequently, Zocor appointed andika, chief of staff of the army, as the deputy leader of the “anti epidemic and national economic recovery working group” of the country, ordered the military to intervene in the anti epidemic action, and required the soldiers and police officers to participate in the implementation of anti epidemic health standards together with the personnel of anti epidemic institutions in various places.