India’s defense ministry decided to purchase about 3.8 billion US dollars of weapons and equipment

New Delhi, December 17: India’s defense ministry decided on December 17 to purchase 280 billion rupees worth of weapons and equipment for its army, navy and air force. < p > < p > Indian defense minister rajnat Singh presided over the meeting of Defense Procurement Committee on the same day and made this decision. India’s defense ministry said in a statement that 270 billion rupees will be used to purchase weapons and equipment produced by the country’s industrial sector, aimed at promoting the government’s “made in India” and “self-reliance” initiatives. < / P > < p > it is reported that these weapons and equipment include six sets of air early warning and control systems of the air force, 11 new generation patrol boats of the Navy, 38 extended range “Brahmos” supersonic cruise missiles and 40 new modular bridge systems of the army.