India’s 191 passenger plane skidded off the runway and broke into two pieces, killing two people and injuring 40 others

According to the Hindustan Times and New Delhi television, an Indian Express airliner carrying 191 passengers skidded off the runway on Friday night, local time. Two people have been killed and 40 passengers injured, according to preliminary reports. < p > < p > Hindustan reported that the plane was flying from Dubai to the city of kozekod in Kerala, India, and skidded off the runway when landing. It happened at about 7:40 that night, and it was raining heavily in the area. According to reports, the plane carried 191 passengers, including the crew. The latest news shows that the pilot has been killed. Early images on the scene showed that the plane had broken in two, and there was no exact information on the number of casualties, New Delhi television reported. “Fortunately, the plane did not catch fire,” the report said, adding that rescue work was in progress.