India has more than 8 million new crown cases

New Delhi, October 29, India’s total number of new crown confirmed cases exceeded 8 million on the 29th, becoming the second country after the United States to have more than 8 million confirmed cases. Indian experts said that the spread of the new crown in the country had slowed down before, but the coming of winter and some festivals may trigger new fluctuations in the epidemic situation of India’s new crown. As of the morning of the same day, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in India has increased to 8040203, with a total of 120527 deaths, according to data released by the Ministry of health on the 29th. In the past 24 hours, 49881 new confirmed cases and 517 new deaths have been reported in India. The number of new cases increased significantly compared with the level two days ago, indicating that the epidemic situation fluctuated greatly. < / P > < p > after the cumulative number of confirmed cases in India exceeded 5 million on September 16, the time taken for each new million cases began to extend, from 5 million cases to 6 million cases, from 6 million cases to 7 million cases, from 6 million cases to 7 million cases, and 18 days for the latest 1 million cases, which shows that the spreading speed of India’s new crown has slowed down. According to a study conducted in mid October by researchers from Indian Institute of technology, Hyderabad and other institutions, India has passed the new peak of the epidemic in September and is expected to control the epidemic in February next year according to the current development trend of the epidemic situation. The study predicts that by the beginning of next year, India’s cumulative number of new crown confirmed cases will be controlled at about 10.6 million. The study also suggests that winter and some festivals in India may increase the risk of new coronavirus infection in the country, and people should not relax their vigilance and neglect protection. India’s prime minister modi issued a television speech on the 20th of this month, calling on people to celebrate the festival at home as much as possible, while paying attention to abide by the new crown prevention and control regulations, strictly prevent the epidemic from worsening. < p > < p > some Indian experts pointed out that India is about to enter a season of high incidence of influenza, and the high incidence of influenza and new crown infectious diseases may bring greater pressure on India’s medical system. In addition, air quality in northern India usually declines in winter, which to some extent increases the incidence of respiratory diseases.