In Washington, “compromise will no longer be a dirty word”

The U.S. general election in 2020 is a close election for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and the new Congress pattern also reflects the characteristics of close balance. Up to now, the pattern of the new Congress of the United States has not been completely clear. It is generally believed that before the second round of Georgia Senate election on January 5 next year, the new Senate will be in a state of “suspension”; people will retain their majority status in the house of Representatives, but their seat advantage will be significantly weakened. In the congressional election, “Republicans performed far better than many mainstream pundits predicted.”. McConnell and other Republican leaders in Congress credit trump. The election results not only show Trump’s strength, but also reflect the will of Republican voters who highly support trump. According to the Wall Street Journal of the United States, the results of the congressional election show that the American people do not welcome the agenda and vision, and the United States is still a country on the right of the center. After the general election, the US Senate with a total of 100 seats is temporarily suspended. At present, the Democratic Party and the Republican party each have 48 seats. North Carolina and Alaska have one seat each, and the final results have not yet been released, but Republican senators are expected to win re-election. In other words, Republicans are expected to have at least 50 seats in the Senate. < / P > < p > the last two seats are in Georgia, which requires the winner to get more than 50% of the vote. If at least one or both of Georgia’s two seats belong to the Republican Party, the Republican Party will have 51 or 52 seats in the new Senate, thus ensuring a majority. Many US politicians and opponents believe that it is very difficult to win two consecutive seats in Georgia, which is traditionally dominated by the Republican Party, so as to control the White House and the house of Representatives. Republicans are more likely to continue to control the Senate. Most U.S. media expect that McConnell, the current majority leader of the Senate, and Schumer, the minority leader, will continue to be leaders of both parties in the Senate. McConnell, 78, has broken and extended his record as Senate majority leader. “I’m not sure I’ll be the leader of the majority party It will be up to Georgia If you win these two seats, Chuck Schumer will be the leader of the majority party. ” Schumer is 69 years old. Due to the inauguration of the new Congress on January 3, next year, the second round of Georgia election will be held on January 5, next year, so the suspension of Congress will be very short. The first mid-term election of a new president is usually against the ruling party. If this election fails to recapture the Senate, it may be more difficult in two years. As of 20:00 on the 10th, US Eastern time, 218 seats have been won in the new house of Representatives. The Republican Party has won 201 seats, and the election results of the remaining 16 seats have not been announced. However, in this election, the number of Republican seats increased, leading edge weakened. According to US media reports, this result was unexpected by both parties. NBC News estimates that there will be 227 seats in the new Congress and 208 seats for Republicans. Even if the forecast is revised, it’s enough to show the Republican Party’s progress. The Wall Street Journal predicts it could become the house majority with the smallest advantage in 20 years. < / P > < p > there was a “blue wave” in the 2018 mid-term election, winning 41 House seats and 7 governor positions. But this year, from the presidential election to the National Congress election, the blue wave has not appeared. What’s more, despite spending far more than the Republican Party’s campaign funds, it was actually defeated in the house of Representatives election, losing nine seats, winning three Republican seats and losing six seats. By contrast, Republicans have kept their seats in Florida, South Carolina and Ohio, won a large number of white and Hispanic voters with no college education, and weakened their advantage among minority voters. Many of the new Republican congressmen are strong supporters of trump. U.S. media expect Kevin McCarthy to remain the minority leader in the house of Representatives. It is doubtful whether the 80 year old congressman can be re elected. After the mid-term election in 2018, Pelosi, faced with doubts from the young representatives of the party, promised not to seek re-election. But before this year’s election, she said she would compete for the new position of speaker of the house of Representatives. Due to the setback of the election, even if Pelosi is re elected as speaker of the house of Representatives, her influence on restraining members of Parliament and forcing the parties to reach an agreement is expected to decline. < p > < p > the Republicans not only performed strongly in the congressional elections, but also maintained control of most state legislatures. As of the 8th, people failed to overthrow a Republican controlled state Congress in the general election, which means that attempts to dominate the Congressional re zoning in the next decade have failed. < p > < p > first of all, the new Congress is characterized by a balance of power between the two parties and a small majority, which means that the radical legislative agenda is difficult to pass and the opportunities for systematic reform are limited. However, if the Biden administration takes office, this situation will promote it to follow the moderate line, carry out more compromises and negotiations with Senate Republicans, and lean toward the middle in policy preference Close. “Compromise will no longer be a dirty word in Washington.” Secondly, the US media believe that under the weak victory of the United States, it is impossible to realize the views of reforming the supreme court officer system, abolishing the “lengthy deliberation” rule of the Senate, and regarding Washington D.C. or Puerto Rico as a state. The “progressive” agenda of the house of Representatives, which has been in control for two years, will once again fail. Biden, if he nominates the left to the cabinet, may repeat the nomination confirmation war. Third, Biden, Pelosi and McConnell are experienced legislators and negotiators. According to US media, Biden and McConnell have worked together in the Senate for a long time, have good personal relations and political cooperation experience, and have publicly praised each other in the past. McConnell is also the only Republican senator to attend the funeral of Biden’s eldest son in 2015. In addition, Biden has long-term contacts with several Republican senators. US media believe that some legislative measures with bipartisan consensus, such as the infrastructure bill that is believed to help enhance the competitiveness of the United States and China, are expected to make progress, which means that the United States will invest heavily in infrastructure, including rural broadband, 5g, renewable energy and electric vehicles. In addition, US media said that Biden and McConnell may also reach an agreement on a series of health care issues, but it is difficult to see significant action on issues such as immigration reform and climate change. Congressional bipartisan scrutiny of large technology companies will also continue, with Republicans saying Facebook and twitter are biased against conservatives, while others believe that these platforms are not doing enough to stop the spread of misinformation. Obviously, the 2020 election further demonstrates the characteristics of the Republican Party as a “trump party”. Many US media analysts believe that no matter whether trump steps down or not, Republicans in Congress may continue to adhere to trumpism, and trump himself will maintain a strong influence. Some U.S. political analysts had expected a landslide victory like that of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 or Ronald Reagan in 1980 in the 2020 general election, making the United States a new majority party capable of leading the United States out of division and seeking consensus after years of partisan conflict and deadlock. However, this year’s election results have made the United States “look more than ever before At any time, it’s more divisive. “.