In the wind and snow, the group of veterans who do not want to leave

Before December 7 in Urumqi, officers and soldiers of a synthetic regiment of Xinjiang Military Region, who were carrying out winter training mission in the hinterland of Karakoram, braved the severe cold of minus 34 degrees Celsius to bid farewell to their comrades in arms in the cold wind. < / P > < p > “send your comrades on a journey…” I had already said that I would not cry when I parted so as not to freeze my tears. But with the singing of camel bells, the tears of the soldiers still flowed out unconsciously. < p > < p > two years ago, Yang Chuan, who had just been admitted by Beijing University of science and technology, resolutely chose to join the army and took the initiative to come to the most difficult place to temper himself. < / P > < p > Yang Chuan not only has excellent military skills, but also takes the initiative to undertake the work of the company’s blackboard reporter and music teacher. Where he is, there is no shortage of laughter. The company’s officers and soldiers also like this sunny “big boy”. < / P > < p > two years are fleeting, and he has to choose to leave because of his unfinished studies. At the time of parting, listening to the encouragement and advice of his comrades in arms, Yang Chuan couldn’t speak at all. He could only express his sincere feelings with the strongest hug. After walking through the ranks of his comrades in arms, Yang Chuan saluted the company for the last time. < / P > < p > Sun Ji, who has been in the army for 16 years, is the oldest of these veterans. When he stepped out of the company, the man, who is usually not smiling, cried. < / P > < p > 16 years ago, Xiao Sun, a private soldier, first went to the plateau. At that time, the plateau security conditions were poor, and altitude reaction tormented him for more than a month. However, after two years of conscription, sun Jizheng, who had the chance to return home, chose to stay in the army and continue to serve. He said: “a man should practice more in such a hard place.” And then stay here for 16 years. < / P > < p > in the past 16 years, sun Jizheng has gradually grown from an ordinary soldier to the top of training and the backbone of squad leader; in the past 16 years, he has sent away a number of his comrades in arms. He thought that he had been able to treat “parting” calmly. However, at the moment of leaving, looking at the familiar faces, the bitterness and sweetness of 16 years played the strongest song of parting in his eyes. < / P > < p > “iron barracks, water soldiers. Dear veterans, although you bid farewell to the barracks today, please always remember that you all have a common name – retired veterans of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army At the end of the ceremony, Dong Fei, the political commissar of the regiment, once again sent his last message to the veterans on behalf of the whole regiment. < / P > < p > amid the sound of firecrackers, the veteran’s motorcade is drifting away, the wind and snow are still howling, but the officers and soldiers who are seeing off are reluctant to leave for a long time