Hyundai’s seventh generation Elantra will be pre sold at Beijing Auto Show

On September 15, the seventh generation of ELANT officially appeared, which will be pre-sale at the 2020 Beijing auto show and is expected to announce the pre sales range. In terms of appearance, the seventh generation of ELANT’s front face adopts the “gem pattern grille” design, which reflects a more sharp and personalized side. The rear part of the car is equipped with the “h-tail lamp” designed by the modern h logo image, adding the emotional style of high-tech elements. The lines on the side can be said to be the finishing point of the seventh generation ELANT. Several hard lines are carved on the side body, which makes the new car appear very sharp. The tail through tail lamp adopts the shape of thin strip, which increases the overall identification. In terms of interior decoration, the seventh generation ELANT adopts the driver centered immersion cabin design, 10.25 inch full liquid crystal instrument panel + 10.25 inch center control panel, and adopts the screen connected design, and carefully designs the inclination of 10 ° to the driver’s seat in order to facilitate the driver to watch. In addition, the 7th generation of ELANT car also has touch key panel, electronic stop handle, through air conditioner air outlet, 64 color atmosphere lamp, wireless charging, engine start and stop. In terms of power, the 7th generation of the domestic version of ELANT will use the 1.5L and 1.4T engines, which are led by the current model, with the maximum power of 115 horsepower and 140 horsepower respectively, which will meet the national emission standards.