Hyundai’s seventh generation Elantra technology analysis will be launched on October 25

In the development process of modern automobile, Elantra, which has been born for 30 years and sold 14 million vehicles in the world, has been playing an extremely important role. Now, the seventh generation Elantra is about to land in China. As for this new car, Du Junbao, the permanent deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, summed up three key words and pointed out the important task of the seventh generation Elantra in promoting the “hsmart +” technology brand strategy of Beijing Hyundai. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the front face of the seventh generation Elantra adopts the design of “gem pattern grille”, reflecting a more sharp and personalized side. The rear part of the car adds the “h-tail lamp” of modern h logo image design, adding the perceptual style of high-tech elements. < / P > < p > the lines on the side can be said to be the finishing touch of the seventh generation Elantra. Several strong lines seem to be carved on the side body, making the new car look extremely sharp. The tail through taillight adopts the shape of thin strips, which increases the overall recognition. < / P > < p > the “Black Warrior” version will be launched in the future, which will be blackened comprehensively in appearance, including black China open, front lip, wheel rim, logo and font. < / P > < p > in terms of interior decoration, the seventh generation Elantra adopts a driver centered immersive cockpit design, a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 10.25-inch central control screen, a connected screen design, and a careful design with an angle of 10 ° to the driver’s seat for the driver to watch. In addition, the 7th generation Elantra car is also equipped with touch key panel, electronic stopper, through air conditioner outlet, 64 color atmosphere lamp, wireless charging, engine start and stop and other functions. < / P > < p > based on the third-generation technology platform i-gmp, modern 7th generation Elantra uses the new smart stream power system and a large number of the latest intelligent technologies. The seventh generation Elantra is the second new car launched under the third generation technology platform i-gmp. The new platform makes its space bigger, weight lighter and improves its performance. The new platform adopts a multi skeleton structure, which can effectively disperse the impact force in case of an accident and improve the safety. The suspension technology that Hyundai has continuously strengthened in racing has also been applied in the seventh generation Elantra. With the design of reducing the center of gravity and the enhancement of body strength, the handling performance and driving experience of the vehicle have been further improved. < / P > < p > the power of the seventh generation Elantra has also been upgraded. It is equipped with a new generation of smart stream power system, in which the 1.5 MPI engine adopts a large number of new technologies to improve energy efficiency. Combined with the lightweight body, it can achieve ultra-low fuel consumption of 4.9l/100km. It has both sportiness and fuel economy. < / P > < p > the seventh generation Elantra also uses a lot of intelligent technology and digital technology. It is equipped with Hyundai smartsense The smart in one safety system has 23 ADAS configurations at the same level, such as the front anti-collision assistance and early warning system. It can identify the opposite vehicles when turning at the intersection, and perform auxiliary braking. It can also identify the bicycles suddenly appearing in front, and assist the driver to drive safely. < / P > < p > most users of A-class cars are new drivers who buy cars for the first time. The intelligent cruise control based on navigation information and highway auxiliary driving functions provided by the seventh generation Elantra can realize semi-automatic driving function on adjusting roads, and automatically decelerate when finding speed limits or curves, bringing more safety and convenience to novice drivers. < / P > < p > the 7th generation Elantra also uses the ble Bluetooth key to control the vehicle through the mobile phone and share it with others. In addition, it can also conveniently realize the functions of music playing, weather inquiry, air conditioning temperature adjustment, window opening and closing through voice control. Through the intelligent network 3.0 system, the seventh generation Elantra can realize the car home mutual control function, such as starting the home air purifier and sweeping robot in the car. All the functions are integrated in the central control screen menu, and users can operate like using a smart phone.