Hurricane ETA has devastated many Latin American countries, causing as many as 10 deaths

Mexico City, November 7, hurricane ETA has continued to cause natural disasters in Mexico and Central American countries, causing as many as 10 deaths. At least 150 buildings were buried in a mountain in the central part of the country, and hundreds of people were missing, according to a news conference held by Guatemalan president Juan Matai on the same day. More than 75000 Guatemalan people have been directly affected by mudslides and floods. He predicted that ETA would cause hundreds of deaths in the country. “ETA” has killed at least 27 people in Honduras and affected more than 1.66 million people, according to Honduran media. At present, about 16000 people have been successfully rescued, and some people are still waiting for rescue in high-altitude areas. < p > < p > < p > < p > “ETA” began to sweep the coastal areas of Central America on the 3rd, weakened to a tropical storm on the 4th, and then moved to the interior of northern Nicaragua and central Honduras. It is expected that ETA will move northward to the southern part of the United States in the future.