Huizhou, Guangdong: health stations can also settle medical insurance

Recently, it was learned from the health and Health Bureau of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province that, up to now, except for one village health station located in the island, which can only take the reimbursement mode of rural doctors due to lack of electricity and network, the rest 1044 have realized one-stop medical insurance settlement; by the end of September this year, 9684 people have enjoyed one-stop settlement service, involving 352400 yuan of medical expenses. < p > < p > it is reported that in 2019, Huizhou City promoted the one-stop service of medical assistance settlement, helping 85527 people in need, and the amount of assistance reached 39.67 million yuan. This year, Huizhou extended the settlement function of medical insurance outpatient information system of township health centers to villages, realizing one-stop settlement of medical treatment in village health stations. To this end, the city’s counties and districts are equipped with computers, card machines and other related equipment for the village health stations to connect the management information system and network of primary medical and health institutions. In addition, according to the provincial standard and 38000 yuan / room standard, Huizhou Poverty Alleviation Office provided 38 kinds of basic facilities and equipment for 46 poverty-stricken village health stations in Guangdong Province, which were included in the construction site of Guangdong Province town and village telemedicine project, connected to the provincial telemedicine platform, and equipped with health monitoring equipment package. In order to improve the working enthusiasm of rural doctors, Huizhou implemented the personnel employment system, wage subsidy system and social insurance system, so that rural doctors under integrated management signed employment contracts with local township health centers. In addition to medical income, special subsidies and basic public health service funds were provided. At the same time, rural doctors participate in social insurance with the local township health centers. For those who have reached the legal retirement age and have not participated in the endowment insurance for employees, the township hospitals shall give appropriate subsidies according to the standard of reemployed personnel. < p > < p > on the basis of the provincial financial subsidy of 20000 yuan to each village health station, Huizhou City timely adjusted the municipal financial subsidy to the village health station according to the educational background and professional title of rural doctors. The municipal finance grants 100 yuan per month to village medical secondary school students, 200 yuan to junior college students and 300 yuan to undergraduate students; and 200 yuan to doctors or nurses in poor villages on the basis of provincial and municipal subsidies. In addition, since 2008, Huizhou has granted 27000 yuan per year to each village health station in four remote areas. Since August 2020, the general treatment fee of village health station has been adjusted from 5 yuan / time to 11 yuan / time, which has improved the working enthusiasm of rural doctors. Huizhou City has also established the exit mechanism of rural doctors, requiring township health centers to undertake supervision and management, and rural doctors who fail to pass the assessment for two consecutive years will not be employed.