Hubei launched three year plan of strengthening province with traditional Chinese Medicine

Recently, the Hubei provincial government issued the “three year action plan for Hubei Province to promote the construction of a strong province of traditional Chinese medicine”, specifying that by 2022, Hubei Province will achieve more perfect laws and regulations, policies, management and standards, and evaluation system for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. The number of beds in public traditional Chinese medicine hospitals per thousand people will reach 0.85, and the main business income of the province’s traditional Chinese medicine industry will reach 100 billion yuan“ Chinese medicine service highland, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine highland and Chinese medicine health industry highland. < p > < p > the plan proposes to carry out the action of improving the service ability of grass-roots traditional Chinese medicine. By 2022, the county-level traditional Chinese medicine hospitals run by the government will be fully covered and meet the national construction standards; 130 “national medical halls” will be built to realize the full coverage of “national medical halls” of township health centers and community health service centers in the whole province; all community health service stations and 70% of village clinics will provide traditional Chinese medicine services; 25 county-level medical communities led by traditional Chinese medicine hospitals will be built. We will implement the three-level Counterpart Assistance Plan for TCM hospitals, and support each county-level TCM hospital to build more than three TCM specialty. We will implement the TCM appropriate technology promotion plan, build a TCM appropriate technology promotion center in each county, and promote no less than 10 categories of 30 TCM appropriate technologies to primary medical and health institutions. Combined with the “healthy Hubei 2030” action, we will promote the inclusion of preventive treatment of diseases by traditional Chinese medicine into the contract signing service of family doctor team. We will vigorously popularize health care methods such as daily life care, medicated diet therapy, Taijiquan and fitness Qigong. < / P > < p > the plan has made it clear to carry out actions to improve the health emergency response capacity of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine institutions and personnel will be included in the emergency response system of public health emergencies. Relying on provincial and Municipal Chinese medicine medical institutions, three to five regional treatment bases for major Chinese medicine epidemics and public health emergencies will be built to strengthen the research on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with Chinese medicine. Public TCM hospitals at or above the second level should set up fever clinics, strengthen the construction of inspection and infectious diseases departments and personnel training, and comprehensively improve the ability of emergency response and treatment. Carry out the action of promoting the characteristic advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Promote the construction of famous TCM hospitals and departments, strengthen and optimize the national TCM clinical research base of Provincial TCM hospital and five national TCM inheritance and innovation projects, and build national TCM medical center and regional TCM medical center. We will build 240 national and provincial key specialties of traditional Chinese medicine. We will integrate high-quality resources of Chinese and Western medicine, and build 10 major and difficult diseases Chinese and Western medicine collaborative diagnosis and treatment centers. We will improve the consultation system of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in general hospitals and specialized hospitals, and bring the work of traditional Chinese medicine into the level evaluation and performance evaluation of public medical institutions. Novel coronavirus pneumonia rehabilitation program is implemented, rehabilitation work of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is done for new crown pneumonia patients, and a number of regional rehabilitation centers are built on the basis of the provincial and Western medicine hospitals. < p > < p > the plan also proposes to carry out the action of revitalizing the health industry of traditional Chinese medicine, reform the education of colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine, deepen the education reform of colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine, and improve the system of early following teachers and early clinical learning. The plan also made clear requirements for improving the evaluation and incentive mechanism of talents, digging and inheriting the essence of Chinese medicine treasure house, promoting scientific and technological innovation in Chinese medicine, strengthening the information construction of Chinese medicine, promoting the open communication between Chinese medicine and the implementation of the three year plan of action.