Hualu Baina had a net loss of 12.95 million yuan in the third quarter, down 148%, and planned to raise 400 million yuan

On October 28, hualubuna released its report for the third quarter of 2020. In the first three quarters of 2020, the company’s operating revenue reached 73.633 million yuan, a decrease of 84.53% over the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 35.0971 million yuan, a decrease of 61.53% year-on-year. In the third quarter, Hualu Baina achieved revenue of 23.3818 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 79.61%, and the net loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 12.9525 million yuan, down 148.48% year on year. < p > < p > according to public data, Beijing Hualu Baina Film Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Its main business includes film and television, marketing, sports, variety show, etc., and has produced representative works such as “Emperor Hanwu”, “Wang GUI and Anna”, “daughter-in-law’s beautiful era”. During the Mid Autumn Festival of the National Day in 2020, the film “my hometown and I” was released and made good box office results. The film was released by Dongfang Meizhi (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Hualu Baina. On October 9, Hualu Baina announced that the film’s cumulative box office revenue (including service fee) was about 1.87 billion yuan, and the company’s operating income range from 16 million yuan to 17 million yuan. According to cat’s eye professional edition, as of October 28, “my hometown and I” grossed 2.633 billion yuan. < p > < p > it is worth noting that Hualu Baina has announced in May that it plans to issue shares to Yingfeng group, the controlling shareholder of the company, with a raised capital of no more than 500 million yuan and an issue price of 3.94 yuan / share. In August, the announcement said that the fund raised by the issuance was reduced to no more than 400 million yuan. The company said that the issuance of shares to specific objects needs the approval of the CSRC for registration before implementation. According to the announcement, < / P > < p > after deducting the distribution expenses, Hualu Baina will be used for TV series and online drama production projects and outdoor media procurement projects. Among them, the production project of TV series and online drama involves the production of two films and TV dramas, namely “jintaro’s happy life 2” and “the same age people”, and the proposed use of raised funds is 150 million yuan. < / P > < p > Disclaimer: the purpose of this article reprinted by finance and economics is to convey more information and does not represent the views and positions of the website. The content of this paper is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and bear their own risks. The State Administration of press and publication of the State Council is the key website of the State Administration of press and publication. Through 11 versions in 10 languages, the website releases information 24 hours a day, which is an important window for China to carry out international communication and information exchange.