Honda’s dual car strategy in China: GAC Honda may launch a brand new civic sister car

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that the brand-new civic, code named 2yn, has entered into trial production and is undergoing quality inspection. GAC Honda also has a project code named 2ln, which is most likely to be the “sister version” of the brand-new Civic. < / P > < p > in recent years, Honda has been a firm practitioner of the dual car strategy in China. Of course, it has proved that this strategy has achieved remarkable results. In addition to haoying / CR-V and accord inspire / xr-v, recently, GAC’s sister model (official nickname Laifu sauce) will also be officially launched on October 15. If GAC Honda’s brand-new domestic civic sister model, Honda’s model matrix in China will be improved It will be further strengthened. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the new civic spy photos and patent drawings have been exposed. The new car will still be divided into two compartment and three compartment versions. The headlamp still has a slender shape, but the lines are more straight. The headlamp and grille are connected as a whole, and the integrity is more prominent. The shape of the front bumper should also change. < / P > < p > there is a big difference between the side hatchback and the three compartment models. The hatchback design is adopted in the two compartment model, while the three compartment model is more traditional. In the two compartment version, the rear spoiler and the loopback dart tail lamp are cancelled, and the through tail lamp design is replaced. The tail lamps on both sides are connected by a thin lamp band. Although the through lamp is not adopted in the three compartment model, the overall transverse direction of the two compartment model and the three compartment model is different The visual stretching effect has been effectively improved. < / P > < p > in terms of interior, combined with patent drawings and spy photos, the interior of the new Civic has changed a lot. The suspended large-size central control screen improves the convenience of use, and the steering wheel shape also highlights the sports properties. < / P > < p > it is expected that after the new civic sister car is made in China by GAC Honda, like other sister models of Honda in China, it will adopt different styles of design to further expand the market segmentation. We will continue to pay attention to more news about GAC Honda’s new civic sister car.