Hollywood executive personnel earthquake leads to power and sex trading scandal

August 18, Hollywood personnel earthquake, NBC Universal vice chairman Ronald Meyer suddenly announced his resignation. In general, there are rumors about the appointment and removal of senior executives of the “big six” in Hollywood. However, it happened quite suddenly, and there was no sign of any sign in advance. The reason for leaving office mentioned by Meyer in a public resignation letter is even more incredible. < p > < p > Meyer said that he and universal pictures were blackmailed by someone, and the other party extorted hush money. Otherwise, he threatened to blow up his extramarital affair years ago to the media. At that time, he had a short-term love relationship with the opposite sex, and later was forced to pay a break-up fee. As a result, I don’t know why, many years later, this matter was brought up again by outsiders, and used to blackmail themselves. In order to avoid the company from unnecessary involvement, the 75 year old Mr. decided to resign. In the letter, Meyer did not disclose the identity of the mistress. But as the saying goes, there is no airtight wall. Soon, her name was shaken out by the media – Charlotte Kirk. At this time, all concerned about Hollywood gossip news gourd crowd, all startled jaw. < / P > < p > Charlotte Kirk, isn’t this the actress who was directly expelled from Warner Bros. in March 2019? She didn’t make any famous films. In just two years, she was able to pull down two top Hollywood executives directly. Even the most talented screenwriter in Hollywood could not think of such a plot. So, over the past few days, countless people have been asking this question: Charlotte Kirk, who is this person? Charlotte Kirk, 28, is a British actress. She was born in Kent, England on June 16, 1992. She studied at the Italy Conte Academy for performing arts in London. At the age of 19, Charlotte moved to Los Angeles in the United States, where she was said to feel “quite isolated in the circle of British actors.”. However, it is obviously more difficult for a person to become famous in Hollywood because he has no family and no contacts. But just a few months later, she met the famous Hollywood director, bright Ratner. < p > < p > Ratner, 23 years older than Charlotte, directed such blockbuster films as “rush hour” and “X-Men: a battle in the dark”. He was one of the most popular directors in Hollywood at that time. In the Hollywood anti sexual assault campaign in 2017, Ratner’s reputation was greatly affected by six actresses, including Natasha henstretch, who accused him of sexual harassment. But of the six actresses, Charlotte Kirk is clearly not included. < p > < p > it is said that Ratner and Charlotte got to know each other quickly, but soon after, Ratner introduced her to his business partner, Australian billionaire James Parker. Pike can be called the king of gamblers in Australia. He owns several luxury casinos and is very interested in the media industry. He formed a film company with Ratner in 2006, hoping to get a share of Hollywood. However, in the following years, their plans did not go smoothly and no film was made. < p > < p > after meeting Parker, a wealthy man 25 years older than himself, Charlotte quickly became his lover. He was still husband at the time, and the model wife had just given birth to their third child. However, the relationship between Charlotte and Parker did not last long. In September 2013, pike introduced her to Kevin Suwon. The California born Japanese, who had just been promoted to CEO of Warner at that time, had a thriving career. He was also happy with his wife and two children. He was a good man in everyone’s mind. However, in March 2019, Hollywood media suddenly dropped a shock bomb, exposing hundreds of mobile phone messages of Charlotte and Kevin Suwon, pike and Ratner over the years. In a mobile phone message marked with time in 2013, Suhara urged Charlotte to come to XX hotel quickly: “here in me, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity waiting for you.” After that, Charlotte sent a text message to Parker: “he is not a good man! What a rush!! I just want to have XX, but I don’t want to do anything else. I’m not interested in chatting about it! ” Parker replied, “calm down! He’s the biggest person you’ve ever met in your life Three days later, Warner announced an all-round cooperation with Ratner and Parker’s film companies, and planned to invest at least 450 million dollars in the next few years to shoot 75 film works, including gravity, Godzilla, American sniper, crazy Max and other Hollywood blockbusters that we are familiar with. It is intriguing what role Charlotte played in such a deal. However, it was not until 2017, when Ratner broke out a scandal of sexual harassment of actresses, and Gail gado announced that the sequel of “magic woman” would withdraw from the production team if there was money from Ratner, then Warner announced the end of the partnership with it. The relationship between Charlotte and Suwon has been maintained for nearly a year. The latter did arrange a lot of auditions for her, but eventually Charlotte only got a place in two Warner works, namely “Bachelor’s Guide” released in 2016 and “cover up: Beauty scheme” released in 2018. But in these two films, Charlotte can only play the supporting role in the supporting role, and the part is so small that there are only two lines in the single guide. < p > < p > now, with the exposure of this another love affair between universal pictures and Charlotte, people are surprised to find that their dating actually took place from 2012 to 2013, which should be shortly before Charlotte and Warner started dating. At that time, Charlotte was 21 years old. She made her debut in a thriller called “broken apart”, but she could only play a supporting role. She was eager to find a lady in Hollywood quickly. Meyer had a family, too. He married his second wife, model Kelly Chapman, in 1993 and had a son and a daughter. It was only in May 2018 that the couple announced their separation. < p > < p > in March 2019, Kevin Fuyuan, CEO of Warner Bros., lost his job because of the negative news about his involvement in public affairs and extramarital affairs. In August 2020, it’s the turn of Ronald Meyer, vice president of Universal Pictures. Mayer started as a broker and is one of the founders of CAA. Founded in 1975, this company is the most famous agency in Hollywood and even in the world, with numerous stars. Back then, behind the success of Meryl Streep, Barbara Streisand, Cher, Stallone, Tom Cruise and so on, all of them could not do without the efforts of Ronald Meyer, the agent. In 1995, Mayer joined universal pictures as chief operating officer for a long time. In 2013, Meyer was promoted to vice chairman. In the past few years, the parent company of Universal Pictures has changed from Vivendi to Comcast, but Meyer’s position has always been as stable as Mount Tai, with the reputation of Hollywood “tumbler”. Unexpectedly, he ended up in a scandal. In addition to leaving Universal Pictures, Mayer also resigned as chairman of the Oscar Museum board. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has spent a lot of money to build an important project. The construction process is full of twists and turns. Finally, it is decided that the Oscar museum will officially open in April 2021. However, Mayer, who has made great efforts for it, left on the eve of victory. Ted sanlandos, the current Vice Chairman of the board and head of Netflix, is expected to take over. Looking back now, Charlotte and these two Hollywood “big six” bosses had their dew marriages seven or eight years ago. In recent years, if you want to say how much benefit Charlotte has really made, look at her thin resume of only 18 film and television works so far, we can see that it is not the case. In addition to “single guide” and “hide the truth: the beauty trap”, she has also participated in the following works in recent years, such as “the pursuit of the illusions”, “the Predator”, “the first kill” and “Ulysses: the dark Odyssey”, which left almost no impression. < p > < p > in recent years, she seems to have caught up with AVI Reiner, the boss of Millennium film company. Some media disclosed that she had asked her counterpart to play a role in “Baron of Hell: the rise of the Blood Queen”, but she failed to do so. However, because of the audition, she met the director of the film, Neil machal, and soon established a love relationship. Marshall, who was born in 1970, is 22 years older than Charlotte. She is also from the UK. She has directed black sail, western world, Hannibal and game of thrones in the past. She has also made the well-known horror film the invasion of darkness. Compared with the two Hollywood tycoons, director Machael seems to be more like Charlotte’s life in the right man. The two have not been dating for a long time. Now they have registered to form a film production company under their name. Moreover, Machael has even developed Charlotte’s screenwriting talent in addition to acting. “Charlotte is really good at making up stories.” Machaer once told the media, “it’s my honor to write a script with her.” < p > < p > < p > directed by him and co written by the two, Charlotte is acting as the executive producer and the No.1 female film “liquidation” is participating in the online Canadian International Fantasy Film Festival. According to the original plan, they should be interviewed online by the media, but they were temporarily cancelled because of Mayer’s resignation. On August 21, machal issued a press release, accusing the false rumors circulating on the Internet and denying that he had any relationship with Meyer’s extortion of hush money. In the article, he calls Charlotte “fiancee” and puts her in the context of the anti sexual assault movement, pointing out that the actress is the victim of all this. In fact, when Kevin Sawara stepped down from power, many people regarded Charlotte as part of the overall victory of the anti sexual assault movement. The high-ranking Hollywood filmmakers and the little-known actresses’ power sex deals resulted in their falling into disrepute – and on the face of it, it seems to be true. However, Charlotte herself is very practical and realistic. She does not follow the trend and regard herself as a victim to respond to the climax of the feminist movement. “I never feel like a victim because it’s all my own choice.” In an interview with the media last year, she said, “no one forces me to do anything, right or wrong, out of my own will. Of course, now I feel very sorry. If I can do it again, I will not do it again. ” After liquidation, Charlotte will star in Nicole and OJ, which is based on the real story. She will play Nicole Simpson, the main party in the legendary wife killing case, and the wife of football star O.J.Simpson. The film is directed and produced by British Joshua Newton, who is said to have been in love with Ms. Charlotte for a while.