Hold “caucasus-2020” military exercise, air defense forces unified command and control system small test

From September 21 to 26, the Russian Ministry of defense annual largest military exercise “caucasus-2020” strategic command exercise was held in the military training ground in southern Russia. More than 80000 people participated in the exercise. The main operations of the participating troops will be carried out in the internal training fields of the southern military region of Russia – prutboy, ashuluk, kapsginyar, as well as the ground aviation training ground of azjil and copanskay. < / P > < p > “in this exercise, the Russian armed forces focused on a variety of subjects including attacking cruise missiles, UAVs, and radio electronic countermeasures.” Wang Rui, a military expert, said that as part of the exercise, Su-27 and su-30sm fighters from the southern military region of Russia entered the combat duty, and the crew members had to drill to intercept air targets, complete the task of covering attack aircraft operations and conduct air strikes on ground targets. Wang Rui said: “although Su-27 fighters have been in service for a long time and belong to the third generation fighters, after more than 30 years of development and improvement, a considerable number of military aircraft have been modernized and are still in service.” The Su-30 fighter is an improved fighter bomber based on Su-27. Its function is similar to that of F-15E. It highlights the dual-purpose ability of air to ground. It has ultra-low altitude continuous flight ability and good mobility, and has certain stealth performance. In the absence of ground command system information, it can still independently complete the fight and attack tasks, including carrying out combat tasks in depth in the enemy’s field 。 Wang Rui believes that one of the important reasons for sending these two fighters to participate in the exercise and requiring the crew members to practice such tasks as intercepting air targets and covering attacking aircraft is to deal with the close reconnaissance and attack of the US military in the Mediterranean and Black Sea airspace. It is worth mentioning that in May and July this year, the Russian air force sent su-27p and su-30sm fighters over the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea to intercept US military aircraft. < / P > < p > in addition, in order to ensure that the participating troops of the “caucasus-2020” strategic command exercise can carry out the exercise, several units of the southern military region of Russia have deployed about 50 UAV Systems, including “superluminal particle”, “sentry”, “seahawk-10” and “outpost”. On the eve of the exercise, Russia handed over more than 60 pieces of modern equipment of the southern military region to foreign troops participating in the exercise, including T-90 and t-72bz tanks, BMP-2 and BMP-3 infantry combat vehicles, and btr-82 armored personnel carriers. < / P > < p > careful military enthusiasts may notice that the T-90 and t-72bz tanks also appeared in the tank biathlon competition not long ago. In that competition, except for China’s 96b tank, other national teams used T-72 series tanks. < / P > < p > “the T-72 tank, which was born in the 1970s, is the most widely used tank in the world in the past 50 years. There is one tank in every four active service in the world, which is known to all women and children.” Wang Rui believes that although the T-72 tank has become a bit “old”, its stability is remarkable. The reason why it is popular all over the world is that it is cheap, easy to use and solid. T-72 tank not only retains the unique low profile and 125mm large caliber main gun of Soviet made tank, but also has a series of advanced equipment such as gun launched missile and automatic loader. Wang Rui believes that the effect of the exercise is determined by two aspects. The first is the degree of fit between people and equipment, especially the control of equipment by military forces of participating countries outside Russia; the second is the performance of equipment. However, Wang Rui believes that the reason why Russia adopted T-90 and t-72bz tanks and delivered them to foreign troops for direct use is not without purpose. On the one hand, they want to continue to consolidate the results of the tank “winter biathlon” competition and maintain the reputation of T-90 as the king of land warfare; on the other hand, they also want to take this opportunity to sell this old tank to more countries. < / P > < p > in order to test the command and control of air defense forces and their cooperation with the participating troops, the southern military region of Russia used modern communication and automatic control systems to establish a unified command and control system for air defense forces. The system includes all the forces and means to resist the air attack, covering all the force groups. The use of automatic control system enables the participating troops to identify and distinguish air targets in the shortest time, and send the destruction command to the fire equipment in real time. According to Wang Rui, the Russian Artillery Force will also use UAVs to carry out reconnaissance and determine the coordinate position of the target in the live firing phase, and then transmit the data to the artillery fire command post. These UAVs will also be used to monitor the hit results of targets. After the use of UAVs, artillery units can visually observe the artillery effect and correct the firepower. Wang Rui believes that the reason why Russia places the unified command and control system of air defense forces in an important position is to adapt to the needs of future air defense operations and keep up with the development trend of the times. At present, countries all over the world generally believe that one of the ways to achieve the best defense effectiveness is to network multiple surface to air missiles and other defense systems or integrate multiple missiles into one platform, so the unified command and control system of air defense forces is particularly important at present.