High temperature over 35 degrees in many places of Japan, 42 people suffer from heatstroke in Tokyo

On the 30th, the sun began to shine high in many parts of Japan early in the morning, and the highest temperature rose to more than 35 degrees. By 3 p.m., 42 people in Tokyo alone had been taken to hospital for heatstroke. The Tokyo Fire Department said 42 people suffered from heatstroke, ranging in age from 1 to 98, and 21 people were over 60, NHK television reported Wednesday. One of them, an 80 year old female, has severe symptoms and is currently in danger of life. In Aichi county and Gifu County, 44 and 19 people were sent to hospital for heatstroke respectively. A 70 year old man in Gifu was found lying in the field by his family and confirmed dead in the hospital. Japanese media called on the public to replenish water, use air conditioning, etc. in a timely manner, and take measures to prevent heatstroke. Japan’s Kanto area was covered by high pressure in the Pacific Ocean on the 30th, and the temperature began to rise in the morning. As of 11 o’clock, the highest temperature in Qiyu reached 35.7 degrees, and that in Tokyo and Chiba reached 34.4 degrees, according to TBS television. In the afternoon, the highest temperature in Qiyu rose to 37 degrees, and that in central Tokyo, Yokohama and Shuihu also reached about 35 degrees. In addition, Kinki region also continued to heat, Osaka and Kyoto reached 37 degrees. < / P > < p > according to the Ministry of environment and Meteorological Department of Japan, in addition to Tokyo, six counties in Kanto region will issue “high temperature and heatstroke warning” to the relevant areas if they continue to suffer from high temperature and heat stroke. The meteorological agency also said that the temperature will not drop significantly at night.