Heroes on Kaishan Island: female militia of anti epidemic medical team of Guanyun County, Jiangsu Province salutes Wang Jicai

“I pledge to be loyal to China’s national defense construction, and I will actively abide by China’s national defense.” On the eve of the national day, Zang Yan, Li Shasha and Lin Yuanyuan, female militia members of the anti epidemic medical team of Guanyun County, Jiangsu Province, dressed in camouflage clothes and Red Cross armbands, reviewed the militia oath in front of the national flag and attracted many visitors and learners. < / P > < p > “in the face of the call of the motherland, we should be as brave as Wang Jicai and never look back After hearing that Zang Chiyuan and Li Shayan joined the national anti epidemic medical team in the Spring Festival, they joined the national anti epidemic medical team. < / P > < p > “Wang Jicai, a model of the people, and his wife, Wang Shihua, have been on the island for 32 years? No matter how hard it is, we must stick to it and never be a deserter! ” During the dozens of days and nights of fighting in Wuhan, they took Wang Jicai as an example and encouraged each other to stick to the end. Three of them came to Kaishan island not only to learn and inherit the spirit of Kaishan Island, but also to pay tribute to the hero Wang Jicai. < p > < p > following the first step, the three female militiamen climbed the cliff and took the tunnel to follow Wang Jicai’s footprints all the way. In the exhibition hall of Wang Jicai’s advanced deeds, they stop in front of Wang Jicai’s photos and objects used in his life, and their thoughts are endless < p > < p > “Wang Jicai is also an ordinary person, doing some ordinary things. When I was working in the shelter Hospital of Wuhan Gymnasium, I was doing what a nurse should do. I wore protective clothing for ward rounds and injections every day. Although these works are not earth shaking, I really feel that my work is ordinary and great… ” Zang Yan said when communicating with the militia guarding the island. < / P > < p > “yes, for the past two years, we have been on the island like Wang Jicai, insisting on raising the national flag, observing the sea conditions, writing diaries, and doing a good job in every ordinary thing. But after a long time, I feel that this is not an ordinary job, but a sentry for the country and the people. ” Shao Zhenggang, who has been on duty for more than 40 days on the island, said, “I also want to be Wang Jicai! We all want to be Wang Jicai! ” < / P > < p > “thank you, elder sister Wang Shihua, for cheering us on through the video link during the anti epidemic period in Wuhan The anti epidemic female militia and the island guard militia also had a video exchange with Wang Shihua to express their festival greetings to Wang Shihua. During this period, they won the victory of the militia and hope to be a good guard for the motherland. < / P > < p > “learn from Wang Jicai’s spirit and be a new era militia.” One day’s visit, study, discussion and exchange made the three anti epidemic women militia and the guard militia of Kaishan island more firm their faith. We all said that we must guard the Kaishan island in our hearts, write extraordinary life glories on ordinary posts, and strive to be the most beautiful fighter in the new era. < / P > < p > the sun is setting and the sea is covered with rays. The three anti epidemic female militia took the “Kaishan island” passenger ship to ride the wind and waves, and rushed to their respective positions with passion.