Hengrui pharmaceutical exports the third innovative drug of this year to overseas

On November 10, Hengrui reached an agreement with Dong-A st Co., Ltd. of South Korea to license the project of shr-1701 / TGF – β II receptor antibody, which is independently developed and has intellectual property rights, to East Asia company of South Korea with a total transaction amount of $139.27 million, and obtain the sales share of the company. Korea East Asia company will obtain the exclusive rights of clinical development, production and marketing of shr-1701 in Korea, and will be licensed to develop and sell shr-1701 for all human diseases.

  DONG-A ST CO., Ltd. was established in 1932. It is an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. It provides a variety of prescription drugs, biological agents and biological imitations. It has a strong tumor research and development department, including immunooncology and epigenetics pipeline. It is a programmed death ligand 1 / transforming growth factor – β independently developed by Hengrui pharmaceutical and has intellectual property rights Type II receptor antibody was approved by the State Drug Administration in July 2018 to carry out clinical research on the treatment of advanced malignant tumor. At present, a number of clinical studies have been initiated. In September 2020, two more clinical studies were approved: a phase Ib / II clinical study to evaluate the first-line treatment of advanced / metastatic pancreatic cancer with PD-L1 / TGF – β RII antibody combined with gemcitabine and albumin paclitaxel, and recombinant PD-L1 / TGF – β RII An open, multicenter, phase II clinical trial of bifunctional fusion protein shr-1701 in the treatment of unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer. < / P > < p > this is the third innovative drug exported by Hengrui pharmaceutical to overseas this year, which is another breakthrough in the internationalization process of the company’s innovative medicine, which will further improve the company’s innovative brand and overseas performance. In the future, Hengrui pharmaceutical will continue to carry out overseas project cooperation, accelerate overseas market development, realize overseas sales of innovative drugs as soon as possible, and let the company innovate products to serve patients all over the world.