Heilongjiang issued emergency plan for food safety accidents

Recently, the general office of the Heilongjiang provincial government issued the emergency plan for food safety accidents in Heilongjiang Province, which requires the immediate reporting of particularly serious food safety accidents. For concealing, delaying or falsely reporting food safety accidents, the relevant responsible units or responsible persons shall be investigated in accordance with regulations and disciplines. < p > < p > according to the requirements of the province, if it is initially judged as a major food safety accident, the provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau shall put forward suggestions for initiating emergency response to the provincial headquarters, and the General Commander of the provincial headquarters shall decide to initiate the response, organize and direct the emergency disposal, and the working group shall carry out the work according to the response measures. < p > < p > it is clear that after receiving the report of food safety accident, the member units of the provincial headquarters shall, according to their responsibilities, direct the local government and the responsible persons of relevant departments such as market supervision, health and public security to rush to the scene immediately, organize the early disposal, carry out investigation and verification, and take necessary measures to prevent the spread of the situation.